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Pub Profit Calculator

I have developed a suite of calculators and reports to take the guess work out of planning some commonplace pub trading activities:

Promotions Calculator

This calculator tells you how much of a given product you need to sell in order to make a price reduction promotion work for you.

Simply send me: product name, cost price, current sales price, promotional price you are planning and current volume of sales.

In return you will receive a bespoke report that details the amount of sales you will have to generate at new pricing in order to make the same Cash Gross Profit on that product before promoting it. This, along with a new GP% figure and 4 further price points (2 above and 2 below your promotional price), will enable you to decide whether a given promotion will work for you.

Events and Entertainment Calculator

We all have times when we are going to put on events or entertainment or occasionally provide an outside bar and the crucial question for all these activities is “will it make money”?

The Pub Profit Calculator (Events and Entertainment) will inform your decision by calculating the exact level of sales required to make your normal profit when providing these additional services to your customers.

Send me details of the overall gross profit percentage you are already achieving at your pub along with:

For Live Music (or other entertainment) – cost of entertainer, cost of extra staff required, cost of door staff etc

For a special event – cost of extra staff, decorations, music, advertising etc

For an outside bar – cost of hiring marquee/bar kit/transport, staffing cost, licensing cost, disposable glassware etc

Using the PPC we can tell you what sales you need to generate to breakeven on the event and you can then decide if your pricing and predicted sales will make a profit.

Please use the contact form on the contact page to arrange for me to undertake any of these services as opposed to using the download calculators elsewhere on the site.

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