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Opening night (drinks/food/entertainment/publicity) – if you are throwing an opening night party don’t forget to organise it properly and let your “new” staff know what is happening and what is expected of them. If you find your staff have nothing to do from time to time on handover day, then have them hand out publicity leaflets/vouchers etc outside the pub to make sure you get off to a good start.

Service Contracts, Rodents, Equipment, Cleaning etc. – if the pub uses the services of contract cleaners, pest controllers etc then you need to have a copy of the existing agreement and confirm their continuance or make alternative arrangements for yourself.

Recipes/current costings for all menu dishes – in all probability you will be continuing the existing menu you inherit, even if it’s only for a matter of days until your new menu comes into force. To protect your profitability and the standard of food you should get the recipes and costings for all the dishes you will be serving. Ensuring continuity of service to existing customers is essential and winning new customers begins on day one.

Sky and/or BT Sports Contract – if you intend to show televised sport then make sure you have the necessary broadcasting contract(s) in place before you takeover and confirm with the supplier that their service will not be interrupted, especially if your handover day coincides with a major sporting event or a local derby match.

And finally…

Try to keep a sense of humour, chances are all the little mishaps or annoyances will seem amusing in the long run… and no one wants a grumpy publican, especially on their first day in the pub.

Click here to download your free pub handover day checklist.

The Institute of Licensed Trade Stock Auditors have produced a “Best Practice with Regard to LicensedTrade Stock Valuations at Change of Business Ownership” Click here to download a free copy.


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