Running Responsible Pub Drinks Promotions (page 3)

The following promotions have been identified and agreed by the BBPA as those that should not be operated because of the disproportionate risk they will lead directly to alcohol misuse and anti-social behaviour:

Reward schemes that are only redeemable over short periods thereby encouraging the purchase and consumption of large quantities of alcohol over a short period of time

“The Dentist’s Chair” – where alcohol is poured directly into a customers mouth – so our old favourite of the Bar Top Maguerita is not acceptable anymore.

Drinking games – these tend to encourage either speed drinking or the drinking of large quantities of alcohol

Promotions that involve large quantities of free drinks – e.g. Women drink free

Entry fees that are linked with unlimited amounts of drinks – e.g. ‘£9.99 on the door and all your drinks are free’ or ‘All you can drink for £9.99’

Promotions that are an incentive to speed drinking or encourage people to ‘down their drinks in one’ – e.g. ‘If you finish your first bottle of wine by nine, the next one is on us’

Promotions linked to unpredictable events – e.g. ‘Free drinks for five minutes after every England goal’

Promotions that encourage or reward the purchase or drinking of large quantities of alcohol in a single session

Promotional material that is linked to sexual imagery implying sexual success or prowess

Promotions that encourage either an excessive drinking session or a pub crawl (after all you want to keep a tidy house and keep your customers in your pub not your competitors)

Promotions that refer to consuming alcohol to recover from previous over-indulgence, or glamourise excessive or irresponsible drinking – “Hair of the Dog Specials”.

Effects of intoxication should not be referred to in any favourable manner

Promotions that are not respectful of contemporary, prevailing standards of taste and decency and are degrading or gratuitously offensive through images, symbols, figures and innuendo

Promotional material which is demeaning to any gender, race, religion, age, or minority group

Use of images/symbols/characters or persons in promotional material that appeal primarily to those under the legal purchase age. Characters should only be used if it is clearly established that their primary appeal is to adults. Use of any cartoon character popular with children is unacceptable.

Direct or indirect references to drug culture or illegal drugs in promotional material

Association with violence or anti-social behaviour in promotional material.

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