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From April 2017, pubs can procure their water from any of the water companies in the marketplace, find out more here

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So, you’ve got a comfortable pub, with a great food and drink offer, a full entertainment program… time to get the word out!


Not only great fun for you and your customers, but also a profitable addition to your pub’s entertainment program. All you need to know about putting on a comedy night.

Charity Fundraising


The New Year is a great time to plan how your pub will play a part in your community by Charity Fundraising


How To Beat The New Year Blues

January and February are notoriously quiet in the pub industry, here are some ideas to build your business during the New Year Doldrums


So you want to run your own pub or micropub? Then read on…

With the benefit of Publican Sam’s 35+ years of hands-on experience in running pubs in the UK, the site helps with ideas & information to guide you through the minefield of good pub management and with over 400 pages of specialist information How To Run A Pub is the essential and definitive online guide to running a pub.

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The site will help you with your bar, kitchen, finances, pub insurance, pub rents, rules and regulations, staffbuilding, pub websites, WiFi and much, much more… with practical advice, how-to guides and top tips. Plus, hopefully, enough “pub ideas” to help you make a success of your business. Every effort has been made to check information and provide you with an objective view of running a successful pub, whilst also sharing top tips from his own experience and those of other successful licensees Publican Sam knows and trusts.

“I will continually monitor issues, trends and developments within our vibrant industry and offer up advice where appropriate. Your comments and views on the advice expressed, and even your own “pub ideas”, will be greatly appreciated not only by me (you never know everything) but by others using this site send me a message.”


Publican Sam

Answers To FAQs On How To Run A Pub

As with any significant undertaking that will potentially change your life (such as taking on a pub) you should seek independent professional advice.

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