I continually monitor the search terms readers use to access the website and here are some quick answers and links to articles which may help… here are the most recent top FAQs:

The paywall on the website tells me I need to buy a subscription after I’ve purchased one – the paywall registers your computer before you purchase any subscription and recognises your browser/computer as a non-subscriber. When you buy a subscription the paywall won’t know the particular computer/browser combination is subscribing. Simply clear your browser cache. This usually does the trick. If you still experience difficulties accessing How To Run A Pub, send me a message here so I can escalate your problem to the paywall provider.

Where can I find a free Business Plan – if you want a free business plan template there’s one here

I do my own stock takes on a excel spreed sheet however lets say in the middle of a stock period and there is a price increase or decrease how or where do yo show this difference on the stock take allowance?” -Russ Wragg from Webstock has this to say “I hate mid-stock selling price changes, and it’s something that I have toyed with including on my website, but to be honest it’s a massive faux pas to change prices mid-period, they should always be done on stocktake day.You would need to know when the prices were changed in order to calculate how many days were at the old price and how many were at the new price. You’re effectively working out 2 period GPs, one at the old price and one in the new price.” For more advice check out the article on stock management and how to analyse a stock take report.

“I am looking into the costs associated with running a pub in connection with a planning application I have” – have a look at the article on pub running costs.

“Why is my pub using so much electricity?” – perhaps you haven’t implemented an energy saving policy. Controlling utility costs is essential in creating profit from your pub for instance just getting to grips with your cellar cooling can save huge amounts of money; as can getting the right energy supplier for your business.

“How long can line cleaner stay in the lines?” – in short, only as long as it takes to clean your beer lines, as you shouldn’t leave the lines soaking with beer line cleaner as it can a) be dangerous if the cleaning fluid is accidentally consumed and b) cause damage to the lining of your beer lines.

“How to cash up a till at the end of the day?” – have a look at this article on cash handling or the one on cash counting machines.

“How would you deal with lost properties, from the simple umbrella to a suitcase with a laptop inside?” – I’ve prepared a free to download template policy for your pub, which, it’s self-explanatory, click here for more information.

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