“Motivate them, train them, care about them and make winners out of them … we know that if we treat our employees correctly, they’ll treat the customers right. And if the customers are treated right, they’ll come back.” – J, Marriot Jnr – Chairman and CEO of Marriot International Hotels.

You will often hear that staff are your best asset and good staff are just that an asset. As with all assets you have to look after them to get the best return on you investment. You can have the smartest bar with the best choice of beers, great food and the most appealing entertainment program but without friendly and efficient staff you won’t have a successful pub. Inefficient and unfriendly staff will make a mockery of all your hard work and planning and destroy the reputation of your pub so motivating and training them is an essential management function within your business.

As an employer you have various responsibilities and there is a plethora of regulation and law dictating how you go about employing staff. This section deals with some of the fundamentals from registering as an employer to advertising for staff, interviewing applicants, inducting new members of staff.

You will find advice and guidance on these topics, with downloadable templates for such things as contracts of employment, job descriptions, training books and grievance/disciplinary procedures … just click the links to go to specific articles.

For a beginner’s guide to employment law, covering legislation, a glossary of terms and advice on employing staff whilst staying within the law visit this section:

An Introduction To Employment Law in the UK   ♦ UPDATED

If you have an urgent HR problem or need employment law advice then you should consult a solicitor who is experienced in employment law. Your business insurance may cover you for this type of advice, but you should inform your insurer before spending out on legal fees to ensure you are covered.

How To Recruit A Chef For Your Pub ♦NEW


Employing Door Supervisors

The Immigration Act 2016 and Pubs

How To Interview Job Applicants

Job Applications & Advertising For Staff

Job Descriptions

Pub Apprenticeships  

Pub Staff Application Form

E-learning/On-Line Inductions  ♦ Special Offer

Staff Induction

Staff Induction Handbook   ♦ UPDATED


Managing Staff

Contracts of Employment

Legal Deductions from Staff Wages 

Disciplinary, Grievance &

Dismissal Procedures

Employing Staff

Pension Schemes For Your Staff 

PAYE and Real Time Information

Staff Disciplinary Letter Templates

Theft By Staff & Customers

Working Time Regulations

Staff Training & Development

Cask Beer Uncovered Free e-learning Course

Compliance Training   ♦ Special Offer

Customer Service & Complaints Policy

Drugs in Pubs   ♦ UPDATED (“Legal Highs”)

Emergency First Aid

Managing Conflict In Your Pub

Manual Handling

Q12 – Training Through Engagement  

The Equality Act 2010

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