Cask Beer Uncovered Free e-learning Course

If you run a pub then in all probability you’ll serve at least one cask conditioned ale, so training your staff in all things cask is paramount to your pub’s success. To help all pubs serving cask ale a new, free to use e-learning course is now available online.

In conjunction with CPL training, “Cask Beer Uncovered” has been developed by Cask Matters, a partnership of industry and consumer organisations, brewers and retailers who care about the future of our national drink. Cask Beer Uncovered comprises five short online films (clip above) that guide the viewer through every aspect of cask beer, with content delivered by brewers, publicans, bar staff and beer drinkers. Each film lasts around five minutes and is followed by a multiple choice test. Staff who score at least 75% across all five modules can print off a personalised Cask Beer Uncovered certificate.

The films cover:

  • Ingredients and their impact on beer flavour, the brewing process
  • Cask beer conditioning in the pub cellar
  • Choosing the right range of cask beers and the importance of throughput and quality
  • Serving the perfect pint of cask beer
  • Advice on promoting cask beer to customers and matching beer with food


Paul Nunny, speaking on behalf of the Cask Matters Group said, “Cask Beer Uncovered is a new way of engaging bar staff with cask beer, telling them everything they need to know about serving a great pint, in an entertaining way that will make learning about our national drink a lot of fun. The course will help bar staff to communicate with their customers in a more confident manner about beer, leading to increased sales and better customer service.

“This new training programme has generated excellent take up among younger members of staff, who live their lives online and appreciate the flexibility offered by e-learning. If we can embed knowledge and passion about cask beer in this next generation of licensees, our investment in Cask Beer Uncovered will have been worth every penny.”

Cask Beer Uncovered is open to all retailers, free of charge. All you have to do to register your staff (or you) and start this free course is click here.


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