Kitchen & Food

Just as the kitchen at home is the heart of the house, a commercial kitchen is the heart of any pub that serves food. Whether you are serving a la carte in a dining room or good old fashioned pub grub, you need to make your kitchen as efficient and profitable as any part of your business.

In this section you will find advice on buying equipment, health and safety, food hygiene, how to make profit from food and how to save money in the kitchen and many more pub food ideas. Simply click on the link to go to a specific article:

How To Plan A Pub Kitchen ♦ GUEST ARTICLE

The Food

Creating A Food USP

Creating A Pub Food Menu   ♦ UPDATED

Food & Beer Matching

Heritage Food

Ice Cream  ♦ UPDATED

Pizza For Pubs   ♦ UPDATED

Pub Barbecues  ♦ UPDATED

Pub Food Pricing Points ♦ UPDATED

Pub Hog Roasts   ♦ Special Offer

Seasonal Foods   ♦ UPDATED EVERY MONTH

Secret Menus

Selling Desserts 

Snacks & Light Bites

Street Food For Pubs 

Blog pieces … CevicheReal BreadWalking Menus

Take out foodDig For Victory and Profit …

Foraging… for more food ideas

Kitchen Kit

Carveries, hot buffets, hot snacks and hot food holding

Commercial Cooking Equipment

Commercial Deep Fat Fryers   ♦ Special Offer

Commercial Food Processors 

Commercial Fridges & Freezers

Commercial Food & Meat Slicers

Knives & Cutting Boards

Pots & Pans …

Why We Use Stainless Steel In The Kitchen

Food Safety & Hygiene

No Hiding Place For Poor Food Hygiene

Cleaning The Kitchen

Cross Contamination

Food Allergy  ♦ UPDATED

Freezing, Chilling & Displaying Food

Food Safety Inspections

Hazard And Critical Control Points (HACCP)

How To Cook/Chill Safely  

Ventilation Hood Filters & Deep Cleaning

Kitchen Management

Portion Control

Why Your Pub Kitchen Needs A Set Of Scales