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Why We Use Stainless Steel In The Kitchen

Why use Stainless Steel in your commercial kitchen and your pub? To some people, me being one of them, there is nothing better than a stainless steel commercial kitchen, with its gleaming stainless steel counters, cabinets and tables.

There is a reason that most pub and restaurant kitchens are composed of stainless steel equipment: it is highly durable, can withstand high temperatures and is safe for food preparation; all important factors in the operation in an efficient commercial kitchen. Place commercial stainless steel equipment in every part of the kitchen, from the stove hood to the dishwashing sinks and from splash backs to table tops.

Stainless steel is low-carbon steel containing chromium, which provides protection against stains and corrosion. It is durable, fire-proof and easy to maintain because it does not require harsh cleaners to achieve its shiny look.

Stainless steel is used in commercial kitchens, hospitals and food processing plants because it is easy to clean and nonporous, meaning it can’t absorb moisture as other materials such as wood can. This makes it a safe choice for environments where preventing the growth of bacteria and viruses is paramount. Stainless steel resists corrosion and is ideal for moisture-prone environments such as your kitchen and bar.

Stainless steel requires little maintenance, although it can get surface scratches from use, you can remove these blemishes with copper or metal cleaners and a soft rag. Whereas Formica surfaces can crack or break under stress or impact, stainless steel is durable enough to withstand impact. It will cost more than Formica, but you won’t need to replace it because of yellowing, warping or cracking.

When selecting commercial stainless steel equipment for your pub, consider how much space you have and the layout of your kitchen. Stainless steel equipment lasts a long time if properly cared for.

A stainless steel commercial kitchen (and bar area) includes:

  1. Prep tables and counters
  2. Hand washing, bar and dishwashing sinks
  3. Buffet and kitchen lines
  4. Storage bins and containers
  5. Stainless steel cabinets

Improve kitchen efficiency with stainless steel kitchen equipment

Stainless steel tables (prep tables) play an essential part of any commercial kitchen. Prep tables allow staff to prepare multiple food items at one time, whilst minimising the risk of cross contamination. One prep cook can portion raw chicken at one stainless steel table while another chops fresh vegetables, all on the correct colour coded cutting boards you will have in your kitchen. Not only do prep tables keep food safe, they increase kitchen productivity.

Look for prep tables or stainless steel counters that are at least 36 inches high, for comfort while preparing food, some come with built in storage cupboards and shelves.

Meet hygiene regulations with stainless steel industrial sinks

Hygiene regulations require hand washing stations throughout your pub (in the bar and the kitchen and staff toilets). Stainless steel hand washing sinks are a necessity. Keep dishes and cooking supplies clean with stainless steel dishwashing sinks – designed to accommodate large, bulky dishes.

Small hand washing sinks don’t take up a lot of room and because of their limited capacity, your kitchen or bar staff won’t be tempted to use them for non-hand washing activities, such as rinsing vegetables or other hygiene regulation breaches.

Use commercial stainless steel equipment to serve and store food

Buffets and carveries are a popular dining trend, but pose potential health risks. You can minimise food spoilage and cross contamination with stainless steel buffet/carvery lines, which are easy to keep clean and are good insulators, keeping food at their safest temperatures. Stainless steel inserts used on buffet lines and chaffing dishes help regulate food temperatures better and are more durable than plastic inserts.

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