Secret Menus

Here’s a secret tip from Technomic (maket research and ‘insight’ company covering the hospitality industry)who have reported US restaurant brands, including Panera Bread, are building brand loyalty with secret menus.

Technomic stated: “For consumers, ordering off a “secret” menu, promoted mostly through word of mouth, means gaining instant access to an exclusive club of in-the-know guests. For operators, it’s one of the cheapest marketing and brand-building tools around. A secret menu prompts enthusiastic fans to take to social media and other online forums to share – and sometimes brag about – the times they’ve gone rogue with their order. Panera’s hidden menu takes “stealth health” to a new level. For in-the-know Panera guests looking for more-healthful choices, the new menu gives them new options – and in so doing can help spur that invaluable brand loyalty.”

So offering the customer what they want and even special ‘secret’ menu options can be part of your social media campaign and your food offering.

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