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For those of you about to enter the pub trade or who already run a pub face to face training may not always be easy for you to arrange. The time constraints of running a pub often mean essential training, especially during the induction phase of taking on new staff, gets neglected. On-line training can be the answer for many pubs, but the cost on a “per person” basis is all too often prohibitive. One company is bucking the trend in e-learning by charging pubs not on a per person basis but on a per pub basis…

Induct Me from MJR Morgan

What is Induct Me? Induct Me is a program developed so that any pub business large or small can access first class training for all of their staff at a low and or fixed cost.

Why Induct Me? Industry experts have created training of the highest standard and deliver it to more people, faster and more cost effectively than traditional face to face methods. They do this by using the latest e-learning technology, to build and run their courses, making it cost effective enough for even the smallest venue.

What happens when you join? Your staff will be able to access every course in the Induct Me series and you’ll be able to add more by using your own unique course library.

All courses are Certified for Personal Development, (CPD) certificated and can be taken in their own time, at their own pace and it’s all monitored by the Induct Me team from their back office system.

Essentially this means that every single staff member you have receives training overseen by us, leaving you to get on with what you’re good at – running your pub.

Who is it For? Bar, waiting, kitchen staff… or anybody looking to apply for a pub job

The Benefits of Induct Me

Staff Training works – we all recognise that trained staff are better for business.

Why? You’re more likely to retain staff who feel more confident about their job. Staff will understand your business more and in turn give better service to your customers. Staff are also less likely to make mistakes when it comes to the law on food and alcohol sales.

What are the benefits? Your pub will benefit from the huge savings that e-learning has brought, eradicating the need for most classroom based training. Staff take themselves through training programs which are built to ensure the learner completes every module properly.

Easy Access – not only is access as easy as entering a website, learners can view company information and material on your own company intranet interface built by Induct Me, just for you.

Expert training – you can be safe in the knowledge that every course follows the UK and EU syllabus and every course comes complete with it’s own unique CPD approved certificate, for the learner to keep and a copy for their personnel file.

Cost Effective – Induct Me guarantee that whatever size business you have and however many staff you employ that they have a package to suit your pub.

It costs from as little as just £20 per month for total open access, your own built intranet and all Induct Me courses.

Induct Me is Customisable to Your Pub

Brand Customisation  – Induct Me recognises that brand awareness is important, so every course interface they build comes with your own colour scheme, logo’s, menus buttons, links and just about anything you want to put in there.

Course branding – for companies with more than ten venues, we can also bespoke every course too, with colour schemes, logo’s, food menus, drink menus, procedures and more.

Customised Testing  – if you want your staff to learn a specific menu or drinks list, then Induct Me can create a bespoke quiz type exam or test just for your pub and add it to your intranet interface or specific course

Bespoke Courses  – Induct Me are e-learning experts, so if there is a course or module you need in a subject that’s specific to you, then they’ll be more than happy to discuss your requirements.

(Please note customisation is an additional chargeable service)


Induct Me work closely with all of their new and existing customers, to ensure they are guided through the entire process.

Induct Me will work with you to develop the best training interface for your pub and make sure you are trained to get the very best out of the program.

Induct Me listen to their customers to make sure that they write new modules and courses with them in mind, so you always get the best training on the market.

Your Staff just follow simple instructions to open courses and can study when and where they want to. All courses (Personal Licence excluded) are published so they are available for access on desktop computer, laptop, Android devices and through our app on any Apple i-phone, or i-pad.

Exclusive offer for HTRAP readers

How To Run A Pub has teamed up with MJR Morgan Limited to offer all our readers an exclusive 20% discount on the following courses:

Health & Safety

Food Hygiene Level 2

Responsible Alcohol Retail Course

Social Media Guidelines

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In addition Induct Me also offer a free personal licence course and have special rates at 45 nationwide test centres for those wishing to take the Personal Licence BIIAB exam from as little as £80. To get a 10% discount off exam fees click here   and quote the HTRAP discount code.

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