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A brand new helpline and resource-based website is available to all those working in pubs and breweries facing personal difficulties.  The new services have been set up to provide relevant information and practical guidance on a wide range of issues from finding housing for those leaving pubs, to support for those with serious health problems to providing excellent education for children of Licensees who demonstrate a real need for help amongst other things.  The services have been set up by the Licensed Trade Charity.

The charity had seen a 100% increase in calls to its Charity Services team in the last ten years, an increase being seen by many charities tied to a specific trade. To ensure they were reaching the right people and everyone that could benefit from advise, the charity commissioned independent research to establish what sort of issues were being faced by those working in the trade, and what their priorities were.  The research found that 59% of those that needed support were of working age (20% were young people and 21% pensioners).

The areas that the charity could provide useful information and guidance were identified as:

The new website

and free helpline 0808 801 0550 provide useful information across a wide variety of personal issues.  Through the new services the charity hopes it can help more people to help themselves, by accessing useful information they wouldn’t otherwise know about. The helpline is open from 8am to 8pm, 7 days a week, including an online live chat facility.

The charity helps around 1,200 people a year at the moment but hopes the new resource-based website and free helpline will reach another 2,000 a year and meet growing demand.

Case study – Paul

Paul, now 33, has worked in the license trade since he was 16 years old. He started as a Kitchen Porter but worked his way quickly to be Pub Manager at a very young age, achieving great success when his pub The Three Frogs in Wokingham, Berkshire was awarded Best Developed Pub of the Year.

But the long hours that so often accompany a life working in the pub business started to take a toll on Paul’s energy levels. He couldn’t give the 100% that he used to. So rather than let his pub team down, he resigned due to ill-health. Paul was later diagnosed with cancer of the pancreas. Going from a good salary to having no income other than through state benefits, Paul was forced to move his young family into a smaller flat. Faced with a life-threatening illness and still having a small family to provide for, Paul turned to the Licensed Trade Charity for help.

Head of Charity Services Kath Gill says, “We were able to help Paul by giving him clear and helpful guidance on which benefits he is entitled to so he didn’t have to worry and could  focus on his health and his recovery”.

Paul has been in remission for 2 years now. He works as an Assistant Manager for the White Horse, Wokingham, and is determined to work his way back up to being Pub Manager again one day.

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