Marriage Venue Licensing (page 2) 

You will have to place an advertisement in a local newspaper, which is in general circulation at intervals of not more than one week in your area.

The public notice has to:

  • Identify your premises and the applicant (you or your company).
  • Give the address at which the application and plan accompanying it may be inspected, i.e. the local authority’s offices.
  • State that any person may give notice in writing of an objection to the grant of an approval, with reasons for objection, within 21 days from the date on which the newspaper in which the advertisement appears is published and give the address of the offices of the Local Authority where a notice of objection can be lodged.
  • A copy of the published notice must be sent to the Local Authority within seven days of publication in the local newspaper.


In much the same way as your Premises Licence. the Local Authority has to consider any notice of objection arising from the public consultation and write to you and any person who has given notice of objection of its decision and of any conditions imposed on the licence. If you aren’t happy with any decision you can apply for a review, which will involve a further fee.

The Local Authority will keep a register of approved premises, which they make available for inspection by the general public.

Renewal of Approval

You can apply for the renewal of an approval when your current approval has between six and twelve months to run. An application for renewal made in this period will extend the current approval until the application has been finally dealt with and the renewal will run from the expiry date of your current approval.


The Local Authority can revoke an approval if the use or structure of the premises has changed so that any of the standard of local requirements cannot be met or the holder has failed to comply with one or more of the standard of local conditions attached to the approval.

The Registrar General can order a the Local Authority to revoke an approval if, in his/her opinion there have been breaches of the law relating to marriage on the approved premises, but only after considering any representations you make.

When an approval has been revoked, the regulations require you to notify any couples who had arranged to marry on the premises that you are unable to host their wedding ceremony.

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