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Menu Holders & Table Talkers

Take advantage of your captive audience for current and future promotions, events, food menus and drinks menu by advertising to them whilst they are sat at the bar or at a table. There are a huge variety of menus holders, plastic holders, table number holders, leaflet holders, brochure holder, available to help your menu display needs and augment your existing sign boards.

Perspex Displays or Plastic Menu Holders

Menu holders, sometimes known as table talkers, are the perfect way to keep regulars interested and new customers informed. Give your promotions a high profile in-house presence with these plastic holders, usually made of clear acrylic or plastic, with 3, 6 or even 8 facings for printed information and product display.

These plastic displays are easy to wipe clean and are an invaluable way of keeping your customers abreast of all that’s good and new in your pub. They are a highly versatile point of sale for your business and offer more scope than traditional menu holders as the rigid plastic, pre-formed shapes enable your customers to see what’s on offer (and when) all the time.

Wooden Menu Holders

Another type you might prefer are wooden menu holders, in various sizes such as A5, with a chalkboard, some come with grooves cut into them where you can slot a menu or flyer. You can easily update the information on the chalkboard, using chalk pens and the slot is an ideal brochure display. You can also buy combined menu and table number holders if you use a table plan in your pub for food ordering.

Menu Holders Are A Key Communications Tool

In a typical pub environment they are an invaluable type of pub signage and compliment the messages you might be displaying on sign boards. They are ideal for advertising meal deals, drinks promotions, details of sports fixtures you may be showing on the TV, details of live music being offered, special occasions such as charity nights or parties. If you have a regular programme of events such as quizzes, Sunday Lunch, Curry Nights etc menu holders are an ideal way to inform your customers.

Your captive audience often needs something to read or otherwise keep them occupied whilst friends are at the bar, the other half is in the toilet or mates are late turning up.

Top Tip – wherever possible on all your menu holders, table talkers, poster, banners or any “print media” you use include a QR code so customers with smart-phones can come back to the information later.

Keeping Your Offer Current Can Be Fun For Customers

Menu holders or other plastic displays can offer more than just a diary of events or details of your food offerings, they can be used for such things as a daily humorous message, quotable quotes, weird and wonderful factoids; and as such they need to be updated on a regular basis.

Use your office printer to create up to date information and if you need to then get copies printed and cut to size at your local stationers or printers. You can even decide in the morning to promote something later in the day or evening and produce bespoke messages this way.

Just as hotels and other tourist venues make wide use of leaflet holders you can use your plastic menu holders to provide information of local interest to customers new and old.

Menu Holders To Suit All Budgets

All this will help you keep your customers on message and help you build your business at an affordable level. Even if you can’t afford to put a menu holder on each table, you can buy packs in stages until you do have the majority of them covered.

If your marketing budget will stretch to it there are manufacturers of pre-printed table talkers; this new style of table talker has full colour printing /photo quality printing on enduring plastic and are shipped flat so there’s no breakage during transport and they are also easy to store.

Litho printed table talkers provide a more durable alternative to the usual cardboard versions seen in many pubs. Carrying information about the latest offers, polypropylene provides a wipe clean material to ensure that one talker will last the course, especially if promotions or events are running for an extended period.

As you can see menu holders are much more than what the name implies they offer a cost effective way of keeping in touch with customers old and new.

Top Tip – save the old inserts, put them in a bulldog clip – ready made scrap paper for all those stocking up lists, telephone messages and customer needs!

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