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Driveway lighting is designed to mount flush with the level of the driveway or pathway, these lamps are designed so they can be directed up at a bush, tree or the outside of a building.

Self contained strips of LED lights can also be used to light the areas under garden umbrellas and are relatively easy to attach and power.

Before installing any lamps, arrange for their proper placement. Create a layout plan, think how you want the lights to work; you may want to illuminate steps, trees or other features in the garden. Take a walk around it and map it all out on paper. This will determine how many lights you’ll need.

Keep It Safe

As with all out door electrical installations these will need to have an RCD (safety cut out device) between the fittings and the electrical supply. This can be achieved by either a dedicated RCS socket or a plug in device that fits between an ordinary electrical socket and the power lead from the lighting fixture being protected.

Whilst many of these systems are DIY you should consider consulting a professional electrician for advice on installation and if necessary employ one to carry out the installation – nothing will destroy your business quicker than a fatal electrocution due to faulty or inadequate electrical installations and/or equipment.

Solar Powered

Using outdoor lighting during the night to accentuate the features of your pub and garden can create a spectacular effect. Unfortunately keeping those lights on all night long can be quite expensive. But now, with solar powered outdoor lighting, you have an economical choice.

Solar powered lighting works by capturing energy from the sun light during the day which is stored in a battery that is integrated into the light fixtures. After charging all day long, the battery can supply the electricity that is needed to power the lights after dark.

Another benefit of using solar powered outdoor lighting is that you can use it anywhere in your beer garden, regardless of distance from the pub or an electrical outlet. Traditional electric lights can only be used near an electrical outlet since they need to be powered with electricity that runs through a cable. That is not ideal if you have a large garden or want to have a light a long way from an socket.

Outdoor solar lighting does not require any special wiring, because each light has its own solar panel and battery. There is no need to plan according to how the wiring is laid, and you do not have to worry about damage to the outside wiring, such as can be caused by rodents or inquisitive children.

As solar powered lighting works best when it gets the maximum amount of sunlight during the day, you will have to place them so that plants and trees or their (or other) shadows do not block the direct sunlight from reaching the solar panels.

With the battery charged with a full day of sunlight, it can power your light for between eight and ten hours. This means that during the summer months the full effect of the solar outdoor lighting will be seen, but during the winter it is unlikely that the solar panels will get sufficient sunlight to charge the battery enough to power the light all night long.

The big disadvantage of these highly portable items is that they are at higher risk of theft than fixed installations, as such you should check your pub insurance policy to see what is covered in outside areas.

And finally… by making your outside areas more appealing to customers, the busier your outside areas is, especially at night, can result in noise pollution for your neighbours.

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