Beer Garden Furniture

Any outdoor space you have available at your pub has become a year round asset to your business. So making this space as comfortable and welcoming to your customers is as important as that of any indoor space.

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Picnic Table Sets

A picnic table set can be a great investment for anyone who wants to move their dining room/bar environment to the great outdoors. The designs of picnic table sets are diverse and can be purchased to meet your different needs and budget.

The first thing to look for when purchasing any picnic table set is the seating. They come with either attached or separate benches or chairs to sit on. Separate benches are beneficial because they are more adjustable to ensure the comfort of everyone at the table by allowing the individual to choose how far they can sit from the table. Extra seating is also easier with separate benches but must be purchased separately most of the time.

Metal or aluminium picnic table sets are the most efficient for long-term use in the outdoors and usually come in a variety of colours.

Concrete sets are reinforced with steel and can also be a very valuable investment. Because concrete is very heavy and durable, they are usually the most expensive but they are also the most theft-proof of all the sets available.

Metal, aluminium and concrete picnic table sets are pretty easy to care for with very little maintenance required. Any outdoor, commercially used picnic table should have an umbrella hole in the centre to provide your customers with comfort and block from sun or the inevitable rain we experience in the UK.

Wooden picnic sets are often the most economic to buy and if properly maintained and cared for will last for many years, however, the care and maintenance required is greater than that required for other materials.

Buying one … but which type?

There are round, oval, octagonal, rectangular, hexagonal and even custom shaped picnic tables available. When it comes to materials, you can choose from wood, plastic or a combination of metal and synthetic materials. Each material used to make picnic tables has its own pros and cons the trick is to choose the right one for your needs and if different areas of your outside area require different styles or materials then don’t be afraid to mix and match.

Which material?

  • Wood: Ideally the best one for all kind of furniture. You can choose from teak, oak, western red cedar, cherry, etc. The kind of wood that you choose would depend on your budget and remember some are naturally enriched with protective oils. This makes them resistant to any kind of harsh weather and climatic conditions. If you want them to last as long as possible, you have to clean them regularly and coat them with protective chemicals.
  • Plastic: this has quickly become the ideal replacement for wooden furniture because of its cost effectiveness and its weather resistance capabilities. You do not need to protect it with any kind of coating and it is built to last. They are light weight, durable and cheap and if you are on a budget, then a plastic picnic table is your best option. They are not the most pleasing to the eye but as a start they are better than nothing.
  • Metal: Metal can have a vintage touch to it that never ceases to please with frames made of high quality rust proof stainless steel or cast iron and with a powder coated finish they are as good as anything on the market. A metal picnic table will also last as long as any other provided you take good care of it they need to be cleaned regularly and protected against rust. There are also anti rust chemicals available which can be used to keep the metal shining all the time.

Integral seating or separates?

This will depend on the style of your operation and space available.

The advantage of separate seating is that it is the most flexible arrangement (especially where space is at a premium); the disadvantage is that you will be forever putting the seating back after use and  these highly portable items are susceptible to theft.

The disadvantage of fixed or integral seating is that it is inflexible and limiting for parties larger than the table is designed to seat; the advantage is you don’t have to put seating back after use and integral table and seat sets are heavy and less likely to be stolen.

Benches, stools or chairs the choice will depend on space and how much time/help you have in putting them where they are needed. For instance for occasional use why not opt for café style small round tables with stacking chairs – shiny aluminium can look great in any space. Hefty wooden benches, whether plain or with backs and arms, look great on lawns and in garden areas but you really don’t want to be shifting them too often!

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