Pub Rent Estimates

Before you rent a pub you’ll be wanting to negotiate the rent with the landlord, but one of the problems facing would be tenants is how to work out what your “rent bid” will be.

Landlord companies, be they brewers or pubcos, don’t make it especially easy for prospective tenants to be able to work out what a fair and sustainable rent might be. The job of the landlord is to get as much rent as possible, sometimes irrespective of whether the rent is reasonable; the job of the tenant, in this negotiation is to ensure they pay as little as possible.

Landlords will present as little information as possible to a potential tenant, despite what their Codes of Practice say on the matter. Where they do provide information it’s often hard to decipher and different companies present their information in varying formats.

To assist you in understanding what rent you might offer How To Run A Pub can prepare a report for you from the information you receive including analysis of likely levels of turnover, costs and profit.

Reports start at £125.00 and can be prepared within 48 hours (depending on the level of information you provide). Click here to download a Specimen Rent Estimate Report

If you’d like to discuss commissioning a Rent Estimate Report click here to go to the contacts page and send me a message.

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