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How to prepare for the unexpected…

Owning a pub can be a rewarding and fulfilling lifestyle, with many financial and societal benefits, however, small business owners (such as publicans) also have to accept things may not always be easy and straightforward. For instance if a crucial piece of kitchen or bar equipment suddenly breaks down you could be left struggling with the day to day running of your pub, which in turn could affect customer satisfaction and income. In addition to the financial implications, having to cope with the unexpected can trigger unwanted stress and pressure for business owners from any sector, and who wants to drink or eat in a pub with a grumpy, stressed out publican?

New and innovative finance options

When something unanticipated happens which can negatively affect a business, an instant solution is needed because pub owners often don’t have time to waste. Traditional bank loans used to be one of the only options available to acquire finance, but often SMEs, such as pubs, faced a very low level of qualification and a very high chance of rejection. In order to obtain a loan from the bank, a lot of preparation is also needed. Banks frequently need to know detailed accounts of future business plans, which means it can be weeks before a loan is approved and even longer before it is received in a bank account.

However, recently new ground-breaking finance options have become available which cater specifically to those who own pubs, cafes and restaurants and need to carry out work that is urgent, ambitious, necessary or just desired.

According to Tony Pegg, Managing Director of an alternative financial service, “the reason most pub owners need to get finance is because something crucial such as an oven, ice machine, or glass washer has broken, or simply needs replacing and the business cash flow simply won’t stand additional outgoings.”

It is important to be prepared for any scenario, and know the options that are available before an incident takes place. Although a business may consistently thrive and have no need for finance, at a later stage something may urge an owner to consider their lending options. There are numerous choices available to business owners, more than most people know. Crowdsourcing, equity financing, peer-to-peer lending and even borrowing from friends and family are all great solutions to consider.

A Merchant Cash Advance is also a fantastic and innovative option to take when there is a sudden need for finance. There is always a very high acceptance rate and once a business has been approved funds will be transferred in just a few days. A Merchant Cash Advance also has an extremely flexible repayment structure and works particularly well for pubs who accept credit and debit card payments on a regular basis, as this is how the advance gets repaid.

So, if you take anything away from reading this article, let it be that there are always options available to you. Hopefully you will never be in a situation where your pub becomes under pressure due to unpredictable faults, but if this does ever happen there are numerous ways to fix the problem immediately. Just ensure that no matter how smoothly things are running in the present, be like the Scouts and always prepare for the unexpected to protect your future.

Are you looking to improve your pub?

A Merchant Cash Advance works really well for UK businesses, especially in the New Year when challenges arise. United Kapital want to provide you with a simple and flexible financial solution, so you can carry out all of your business plans easily and effectively. With United Kapital you can raise between £3,500 – £150,00 to grow your business.

Typically United Kapital say their funds are use for:

  • refurbishment (11%)
  • stock (10%)
  • new equipment (7%)
  • cash flow (43%)
  • expansion (9%)
  • other uses (20%)


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