Pub Landlord Advice on Bottle Fridges

Bottle Fridges & Back Bar Bottle Coolers

Whether you have a cosy little village pub, a suburban local or a large city centre pub, if you serve any type of drink that needs to be served below room temperature – wine or beer primarily – you should take the time to check out the selection of bottle coolers available.

There are bottle coolers for every size of pub and geared towards your specific needs.

If you are looking for a way to serve a nice bottle of wine at the table there are acrylic bottle coolers that will suffice and padded jackets do the job as well. Many wine suppliers such as Blossom Hill often provide them as free POS, so ask, you might receive!

Refrigerated bottle fridges come in varying sizes and can hold from 100 bottles to over 250 bottles depending on size of bottle being stored.

You can get hinged door versions or sliding door versions which save room when you are busy going in and out to get drinks. They come in all sorts of sizes – single cabinets, double or even triple units, some are meant for horizontal spaces some for vertical spaces.

Finding the right bottle cooler to fit your pub’s not as hard as you think but whatever you choose these are the things to make sure of:

  • Glazed display door with replaceable magnetic door seal. This will ensure that your customers and staff can easily see what you stock and replaceable seals ensure that you are able to keep the fridge maintained and temperatures where they should be.
  • Automatic defrost feature, this helps keep the bottle cooler working with relatively little down time, defrosting an iced up fridge is time consuming and messy.
  • Interior display light – ideal for back bar presentation of bottles – ensure you replace lights as required as there is little less attractive than a dark bottle fridge.
  • At least two adjustable shelves to accommodate different height bottles, many will come with three which is even better.
  • Adjustable feet – to ensure the bottle cooler remains level on uneven bar floors.
  • Fully automatic integral temperature controller to ensure product is kept at the optimum temperature.

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