Dirty Toilets … Dirty Pub? (page 2)

Clean pub toilets are good for business

You could implement a strict cleaning regimen, invest in all new dispensers and other toilet hardware, and still watch your customers come out of your toilets disgusted if it smells like a sewer in there.  I was in a pub toilet not too long ago where everything was tidy and neat but the smell was so overpowering in there I vowed never to return to that particular establishment. Either invest in an air freshening system yourself or rent one as part of a total washroom package. At the very least provision of air fresheners from the supermarket will go some way to keeping your toilets smelling fresh.

Urinals and surrounds need especial attention as men are notorious for missing the urinal and peeing all over the place, especially after they’ve had a few. Make sure that your staff members and/or you inspect the toilets regularly to make sure they are clean and stocked especially during opening hours.

Judicious use of channel blocks in urinals and troughs can help to keep the smell down and wherever possible make sure that windows to the open air are kept open. (In my experience, even during the dead of winter, customers will tolerate a cold toilet more than they will a smelly one).

Women’s Toilets

I have found, and I am sure many of you will find, that the moment some women get behind the door of a toilet stall in a pub, that all normal rules of behaviour go out the window. Some of the worst damage and soiling of toilets occurs in the ladies loos, so make sure staff are checking and cleaning ladies toilets regularly throughout the day.

Ensure that you have specialist bins in all the stalls to deal with soiled sanitary towels and that these bins are regularly serviced and emptied. Depending on the level of business you enjoy the minimum period of time for servicing should be monthly. If this service is part of a full wash room contract or contracted out separately you need to check and ensure that the frequency of service is adhered to.

If you can afford it ensure that there are fresh flowers in the washing area as a small outlay every week will reap dividends in positive customer feedback. Using a local florist and striking a deal for a set budgetary amount every week will take the headache out of these purchases; £10 to £12 per week will see you with enough for two ladies toilet areas and two bar ends. A relationship with the florist will stand you in good stead if you require flowers for wedding receptions or other private parties if you provide this service as part of your offering.

Partitions, doors and door furniture

The stalls in your toilet are going to break down over time.  Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to repair common things like door latches and locks, grab bars, door hinges, and brackets without having to rebuild everything.

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