Dirty Toilets … Dirty Pub? (page 3)

Toilet taps and Mirrors

Nice, new looking taps can go a long way towards making your customer feel clean when they leave the toilet.  Installing new taps isn’t too expensive and will add an extra shine to your whole toilet.

Mirrors that give a clear view for your customers are an important feature for men and women alike and providing a full-length one if you have the space is a plus point.

Vending machines in toilets

Whilst these machines will not earn a fortune for you (despite the boasts of even your most virile customers) you need to ensure that they are well stocked and working. Nothing is more frustrating for customers than vending machines that are either empty or malfunctioning; nothing that is than the potential embarrassment of having to come to the bar and ask for a refund.

On the subject of refunds, I have always offered a refund without quibbling with the customer and you should ensure that your staff do so as well. Make sure they record the amount refunded and that you or they either inform the vending machine company as soon as is practicable and mark the machine as out of order.

If your vending machine supplier doesn’t deal with your refund/machine breakdown or regularly attend your premises to make sure they are stocked up and takings emptied then change supplier.

The best part about revamping your toilets is that most of this hardware is relatively easy to install yourself, and taking the time to do so can really improve your pub’s image, especially with first time customers.

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