Refrigeration Heat Recovery Systems (page 2) 

Boiler Economisers

If you cannot run to a full system you can reduce the energy required for your hot boiler system by up to 4% by fitting an boiler economiser system. If you are in a position to fit a refrigeration heat recovery system then you should also consider fitter a boiler economiser at the same time to make the most of your capital outlay.

You can also find advice on cutting your cellar cooling costs on this website in the Reduce Cooling Costs article.

Top Tip for tenants and lessees is if your cellar system needs replacement try and persuade your landlord to invest in a refrigeration heat recovery system, If it’s just your boiler system that needs replacement try and get them to replace one with an economiser fitted. If both then try and get them to install both, in the long term it will be in their interest as the more profitable you are the more likely you are to be able to afford the rent!

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