An Introduction To Pub Games (page 2)


Again just a plethora … but a couple of good ones to have in are:


And finally my favourite no cost, dead sociable and fiendishly easy game to play in a pub …


The object of the game is to not be the last one out.

Players all take three coins (any denomination or mix thereof) and form a circle facing each other.

Players all put both hands behind their respective backs and secretly select 0 to 3 coins to put in one hand (fist clenched to keep the number secret)

Players all then put their clenched fist, coin holding hands into the centre of the circle.

Whoever has been nominated first then tries to guess the total number of coins being held by the assembled players (with six people this could theoretically run from 0 to 18).

Players then declare clockwise their guess. No two players can have the same number.

When all have declared their respective guesses the first player calls SPOOF!

All the players then show how many coins they are holding. The winner of the round is the person that guesses the correct total being held by the group. A winning guess means that player drops out; but if no one guesses correctly play continues with all players.

Play continues with ever diminishing numbers until two people are left – the loser of that game usually has to buy the assembled party a round or pay some other forfeit.

This is a perfect impromptu game to play with new customers or customers who don’t know each other very well and is ideal for those quiet moments when time drags; or you can make it a feature at specific times, such as tea-time or Sunday lunchtime … you choose!

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