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Karaoke has been done to death in some respects but people do like to get up and sing a song. To mark yourself out from the run of the mill consider running a competition that stretches out over a period of weeks and ends in a grand final. e.g. X-factor, Pop Idol etc (the last time I did this the finalists all had to sing with a live band who had practiced their chosen songs). Use karaoke sparingly and make a really big night of it as many of your competitors will likely to be using this entertainment format too. A twist on the usual karaoke night is a fancy dress party based upon the singers/bands that people want to pay tribute to.

Bank Holidays are usually great for the pub trade but as some of the actual dates change each year click here to see all UK Bank Holidays and don’t forget to allow the minimum of 10 working days to get your TEN organised if you need extra hours or are putting on entertainment in the beer garden

Top Tips for Parties

Plan and advertise the event well in advance and talk it up (you and your staff).

Join in, if it’s fancy dress then dress up (and your staff), if there are games be part of them, be “mine host”.

Give a little to get a lot back. Giving away some pizza pieces and other light bites half way through the evening is always appreciated (passing trade that suddenly get something for nothing often come back again); giving a cheap cocktail to everyone at the beginning of the night who came in fancy dress won’t break the bank but will be favourably remembered by customers.

If you run fancy dress, then offer up a decent winner’s and runner-up’s prize (cash being the obvious) as many of your customers will spend out on costumes, wigs, accessories and make-up. £50 and £25 respectively usually suffices.

Save all those decorations carefully for next time, it mean’s you’ll be spending progressively less per year to create the same effect.

The usual rule of thumb for extra sales vs. cost is 3:1 but with parties this rule can be eased; the point of the party is to create a buzz and reward customers for their continued support. You wouldn’t skimp on a party at home so don’t do it in the pub!

With any promotion or drink offering associated with your party ensure that you adhere to the guidelines on Running Responsible Drinks Promotions click here to see separate article

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